• benefits of vitamin d supplement
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    Vitamin D benefits and why we need it

    The importance of vitamin C has always been emphasized, but little is known about the benefits of vitamin D. All vitamins are necessary for the body to grow and develop properly. Each of them has many health benefits. But usually, we focus only on vitamin C.

  • DIY handmade lamps
    DIY Projects

    10 Creative handmade lamp ideas

    As always, I'm looking for inspiration for something specific. This time I want to transform the bedroom night lights into something different and design my own handmade lamps. Because going to buy two new lamps isn't funny. Meanwhile, I share with you the inspiring images that I find. Lots of ideas that you can apply to your home. I hope they serve you!

  • How to make a ceramic lamp
    DIY Projects

    How to make a lamp with recycled tableware

    Today we bring many ideas to inspire you and learn how to make a ceramic lamp with recycled materials. The elements used in these original lamps are cups, plates, milk jugs, teapots, etc… Surely you also have incomplete coffee sets at home because of pieces that break. You have also inherited special pieces and want to make something unique with them. In any case, the result is amazing and exclusive. You're going to love it!

  • DIY Projects

    11 Amazing crochet doilies decors

    You will have already observed that the work of yesteryear is becoming fashionable again: crochet, macramé, embroidery ... Our homes are filled with new designs made with the same technique. But if you are lazy, or you don't have time to learn, today we are going to give you many ideas to decorate with crochet doilies. And in this way introduce these unique pieces into any environment. The crochet doilies that our mothers or grandmothers loved so much can become a very special element of your home. Surely you can get some pieces and turn them into a contemporary decorative accessory, a decoration of our days. Do you want to…

  • Home Decor


    I don't know why but this week, in my head it's spring. I'm a little ahead. And it's not like I don't have enough sun. I see my loved ones and some of my work partners who are starting to feel winter fatigue. Maybe that's why I'm getting ahead of the themes of sunny days. No matter! We will be interested in flowers in decoration. For several decades they have been associated with kitsch. They were obsolete unless they were in a vase. We remember the floral motif from the 70s or the one reminiscent of English country houses. However, the idea of ​​flower in the decor has been brought…

  • Home Decor


    You may have noticed, at this moment, in addition to the minimalist style that I have been treating for several months, I regularly tell you about the Modern Glam and seaside atmospheres. It is this last decorative style of which it will be questioned in this article. I have already had the opportunity to give you ideas and advice to create a seaside atmosphere in the dining room and at the entrance. This time, we will focus on another essential part of the house: the living room. We will see why this holiday atmosphere is ideal for a living room and we will also see how to implement this style…

  • Home Decor

    A dark shade in the dining room

    I have always considered the dining room to be a separate room in the house. It is a living room but it is not used as much as the living room or even the kitchen. And even if its use is punctual, comfort and friendliness are essential in this space of the house. So how do you decorate the dining room with a dark color? Is this a wise choice? How to match the furniture with color? I will try to answer all these questions and more in the rest of this article.

  • philosophy-zen-tranquility-home
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    Zen philosophy in interior design

    In our article today, we offer you a description of the interior in the Zen style. We live in a modern world and are always in a hurry to go or get somewhere. We have a habit of constantly rushing and making decisions quickly, without thinking about the consequences of our actions. But even in a hurry, a modern person doesn't have time for much. And the main thing you don't have time for is the most important thing just living. Enjoy the world of nature, learn about yourself, develop and improve. The ancients knew that man is a creature that belongs primarily to the nature of this planet and…

  • home-office-options-design
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    Home office – How to design your space to work from home

    Do you have to work from home? Today we introduce you to some home office design tips that will make it easy and productive. Nailing home office design is very important if you need space to work at home. Once considered a luxury, a home office space is now essential as more and more of us work flexibly, or lately only at home. So how do you create a space that ensures a productive atmosphere where you aren't interrupted?