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    Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

    We dedicate our article today to a style that never goes out of style, the rustic style. And especially to the kitchens. We also share photos of rustic kitchens for you to take ideas. Do you like the rustic style? Well, read on for the latest trends.

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    Balcony decoration ideas to make that space a little oasis

    There is certainly nothing better than a balcony to enjoy and relax from the routine. Most apartments have small balconies, so there are plenty of decorating ideas. But although they don't have so much space, in the same way with a good and adequate decoration of balconies, you can get a unique and cozy space.

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    A new era for old kitchens!

    Raw materials, recycled or vintage furniture, neutral tones, old-style cooking is gaining popularity. Between vintage decor and more contemporary elements, we particularly like this warm style, country chic spirit, which would almost make us want to cook like our grandmothers!

  • Colors for kitchens
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    What is the right color to paint the kitchen?

    It is often said that there are tastes for everything. However, when it comes to color palettes to paint a division, it must always be considered that some convey certain sensations. The planning of the colors of a kitchen must be seriously thought before proceeding to your choice. The colors must match the cabinets, reflect the light, and convey the right atmosphere. Also, it is advisable to think long-term and, if it is to sell the house, what will be able to please a greater number of potential buyers.

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    I don't know why but this week, in my head it's spring. I'm a little ahead. And it's not like I don't have enough sun. I see my loved ones and some of my work partners who are starting to feel winter fatigue. Maybe that's why I'm getting ahead of the themes of sunny days. No matter! We will be interested in flowers in decoration. For several decades they have been associated with kitsch. They were obsolete unless they were in a vase. We remember the floral motif from the 70s or the one reminiscent of English country houses. However, the idea of ​​flower in the decor has been brought…

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    You may have noticed, at this moment, in addition to the minimalist style that I have been treating for several months, I regularly tell you about the Modern Glam and seaside atmospheres. It is this last decorative style of which it will be questioned in this article. I have already had the opportunity to give you ideas and advice to create a seaside atmosphere in the dining room and at the entrance. This time, we will focus on another essential part of the house: the living room. We will see why this holiday atmosphere is ideal for a living room and we will also see how to implement this style…

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    A dark shade in the dining room

    I have always considered the dining room to be a separate room in the house. It is a living room but it is not used as much as the living room or even the kitchen. And even if its use is punctual, comfort and friendliness are essential in this space of the house. So how do you decorate the dining room with a dark color? Is this a wise choice? How to match the furniture with color? I will try to answer all these questions and more in the rest of this article.

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    Zen philosophy in interior design

    In our article today, we offer you a description of the interior in the Zen style. We live in a modern world and are always in a hurry to go or get somewhere. We have a habit of constantly rushing and making decisions quickly, without thinking about the consequences of our actions. But even in a hurry, a modern person doesn't have time for much. And the main thing you don't have time for is the most important thing just living. Enjoy the world of nature, learn about yourself, develop and improve. The ancients knew that man is a creature that belongs primarily to the nature of this planet and…