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25 Ideas To Decorate With Old Radios

The vintage and retro decor is a trend. We only have to take a look at an interior decoration magazine to see how minimalism and modern coexist with environments that remind us of past decades. In vintage and retro decoration, the objects we use are very important. Many objects can help us decorate with vintage or retro style, but in this article, we will talk about old radios.

If you are keeping everything, you will surely have one of these old radios in the loft or attic. If not, you can also buy them from a second-hand market, from a flea market or an antique dealer. There are many models of old radios, depending on the decade to which it belongs. Do you want to decorate your house with old radios? In this post, we will give you some photo ideas so you can find the inspiration you are looking for. Let’s go there!

Decorate the kitchen with old radios

A commonplace to decorate with old radios is the kitchen. In the past, a fairly common image was that of cooking while listening to the radio, making it an element that fits very well in this image of the home. The key is to find a suitable space to place the radio. On the counter, it is commonplace, since the kitchen has few alternatives. If you have a kitchen with shelves, it is also a regular place.

Some examples:

Here we can see how the old radio has been placed in a free space on the shelf. It is aquamarine and combines perfectly with the colors used in the decoration.

A good place to leave an old radio is on the counter. This brown radio matches very well with wooden kitchen cabinets.

Again on the counter. In this case, it is one of those old cream-colored radios that we will see in more than one photo and that together with the furniture.

There are old radios with a different touch, this is a nice example. The flower print looks great on her.

We can leave our old radio accompanying the cookbooks, don’t you think?

One last example of a radio on the counter. In this case, it is a somewhat larger radio and it looks great on the whole.

Decorate the living room with old radios

Another room to decorate with old radios in the living room. Decades ago, before we all had a television in our living room, it was common to have a radio. Radio was one of the most important leisure elements of the time. How can we decorate our living room with old radios? There are many alternatives: hang them on the wall, next to the current stereo or as an ornament for a living room furniture.

Some examples:

Here is an image of how to decorate the wall with old radios. In this case, radios of different types have been selected, creating a very interesting mural with them. 

If you like old large-format radios, they can also help you decorate a corner of the house. As you can see, it offers a lot of personality to space.

Another old large-format radio. Together with vintage decorative paper, it offers a truly inspiring result.

Placing old radios on a recycled vintage cabinet can be a good idea to add a retro touch to the ensemble.

Another good idea is to place two old radios, one large and one small, one on top of the other.

An old small radio can be a nice touch to decorate the space. 

We continue with the examples of old large format radios. As you can see the result is very inspiring.

This aged blue radio looks great on the cabinet next to the window.

Another example that shows an old radio as a decorative ornament.

Another place where we can place an old radio is above the fireplace. In a vintage environment the result is spectacular.

Combining old spokes of different colors in the decoration can be very cute, as we can see in this photo.

Accompanied by a plant, this antique radio can also work in a more discreet decoration.

An example of how we can decorate the corners of the home with other elements with old radios.

A secretary desk can be a good place to put an old radio. As we can see it is beautiful.

Decorate a bookshelf with old radios

In the living room, in a hallway, in the hall, or an office, decorating a shelf with old radios is a very interesting option. Between books, accompanying a record player or between books, there are many options for you to give a decorative use to your old radio.

Some examples:

Isn’t it amazing how different vintage radios come together on this shelf? Collecting radios and displaying them on a shelf is a good idea.

Similar to the previous one, but this time in detail, with the wallpaper painted in the background. The old colored spokes are beautiful.

Between books it can also be a good place to leave an old radio, don’t you think?

Decorate the bedroom with old radios

The bedroom is the most intimate place in the home. It is where we have our refuge and where we can be ourselves. It is, therefore, the reflection of our personality. Having antique radios in a bedroom as decorative elements can be a good way to give character to the decoration.

Some examples:

old radios

One way to decorate the bedroom with antique radios is on the nightstand. If it is tiny, it can be a nice decorative element.

decorate with old radios

Another place that we can use to decorate with old radios, is the headboard. As you can see, the result is curious.

old radios

You can also place the old radio in some auxiliary furniture that you have in the home as decoration.

decorate with old radios

Finally, we show you this photo where books and radios compete for space on the bed shelf.

In short, decorating with old radios is a good way to reuse objects from the past to give them a new use, even if it is only ornamental. The result we will achieve is truly inspiring, ideal for lovers of vintage and retro style.

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