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27 Magical Decoration Ideas With Unicorns

Unicorns are very popular now. Today, in any store, unicorns have their magic: prints on clothes, decorative elements, office supplies with unicorns … The power of the unicorn has come into our lives! If you have also fallen in love with these magical and beautiful animals, pay attention! In this post we are going to give you 27 decoration ideas with unicorns, let’s get started!

27 decoration ideas with unicorns

One of the first ideas that we have loved decorating with unicorns is to use cushions. You can find these unicorn-shaped cushions in many specialized decoration stores, or if you are a handyman, you can make them yourself!

Do you want to decorate a children’s bedroom with unicorns? Here’s an idea so you can get inspired. Choose pastel colors, such as pink combined with a shade of light gray, and use unicorn soft toys to decorate the furniture. The result is super cute.

Something different and super original of the decoration with unicorns is to take a flower pot and decorate it until it looks like one of these famous mythological animals. The key is to draw the eyes, the cheeks, and place the horn on top of the pot.

An alternative to soft toys and cushions in the shape of a unicorn is fabric unicorns like the one in the photo. As you can see it is a very cute decorative element that you can use to give a great touch to any corner.

We continue with the decoration ideas with unicorns, in this case with a DIY that you can carry out with a little skill. You only need a wooden board and colored wool. You can decorate any wall in your home with the unicorn’s head.

This idea is ideal for a birthday party. It is about drawing the head of a unicorn with the help of balloons of different sizes. You can draw the base of the head with cardboard and then fill it with the balloons, as in the photo.

As if it were the typical head of a horse, this idea to decorate the walls will be very useful. You can find unicorn heads in many decoration stores. Some of these heads you will have to assemble yourself with a little ingenuity, but the result is really beautiful. 

Here is an example of a pink unicorn head . In this case it is a whole piece with a glitter horn that will be the center of attention of the wall where you place it.

Here’s an example of a cute unicorn pot

In the decoration with unicorns, decorations with lights are also very fashionable, it is a nice idea to decorate a children’s bedroom or any space that you want to give a naive touch.

Within the category of unicorn heads, you could not miss a stuffed unicorn head to decorate the wall of your house.

In decorating with unicorns for the smallest of the house, soft toys are a safe option. In this chaos, we talk about stuffed animals with crocheting. In recent times this type of crochet doll has become very popular and we can find authentic manuals online.

If you like unicorns you can also choose different elements with unicorns to decorate the space. In this case, we can see a unicorn head as an ornament and a small blackboard that we can use to write things down or draw.

A unicorn that lights up in the dark is a fantastic idea to decorate the space.

This pumpkin-pot-unicorn has caught our attention a lot for its originality. It is a pumpkin-shaped pot, painted white, to which the face of the unicorn has subsequently been drawn and the horn has been placed.

Among the variety of elements that we can find to decorate the house with unicorns, there is also that of choosing snowballs with this precious mythological animal inside. It is a magical element an original touch to any space.

Whether for parties or to permanently decorate a spaceunicorn banners can be a fantastic idea to give a festive and original air to any environment. These banners are also handmade. With fabric and felt, we can achieve true wonders.

The cushions are the ideal complement to decorate with unicorns. We only have to buy one that bears this print or, if we already have cushions, the cover we want.

Same as the previous one, but in this case, instead of a realistic drawing, we find a very funny illustration. 

For original this way of representing the shape of the unicorn on the wall. The wall has been painted pink and then this unicorn that we guess by the contour has been placed. It is a very nice and different idea.

If there’s one thing that has caught our eye for unicorn decorating ideas, it’s these unicorn head-shaped headboards. Ideal for young girls and boys, they invite you to dream.

Among the variety of cute objects that we find in this children’s bedroom, we can keep the unicorn plush toys and the cushion unicorn head. What is cool?

If you like to decorate glass jars, a good way to reuse them is by drawing unicorn heads. The golden color is one of the most ideal for painting them.

You can also decorate with unicorns with pictures and wall pictures. It is a really beautiful idea that will help us to set any room in the house with this beautiful fantastic animal.

The delicacy of these unicorns made with fabric has seemed wonderful to us. They are made by hand, so if you look for tutorials on the internet you can get to do them yourself.

Do you like unicorns? Why not use a unicorn-lamp like the one in the photo? It is not at all tacky and will give your house a very chic but modern touch.

Finally, we finish with this example of a unicorn head to decorate, it is sophisticated and minimalist, ideal if you like unicorns but without drawing too much attention.

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