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Redecorating always seems like a good idea and a reason for happiness, so necessary. Here you have a range of ideas, easy to do, to recreate yourself in the new season. Ready to copy them?

Flowers on the table
1.FLOWERS ON THE TABLEAs simple as placing a flowery table runner on your neutral tablecloth. It will create an instant spring effect. To make it look better, make one of its shades repeat itself on some piece of crockery or glassware.
2. TOCA CHANGE CLOTHES Say goodbye to duvets, blankets, and duvets, which once clean you will keep in the closet until next season, and say hello to bedspreads and plaids that with their light cotton or linen fabrics and pastel colors will bring to your bed a breath of fresh air. 
Decorate your pots.  Dress your pots gracefully
3. DRESS YOUR POTS GRACEFUL wrapping paper, a colored cloth, a little raffia … Use them to wrap your charming pots and tie them with fine twine. You will be able to give your home your personal touch.
receive with spring
4. LIGHTEN THE GROUNDThe wool rugs, which did so much well in winter, now await their passage through the dry cleaner. Instead, natural fiber patterns take over the floors to protect them from the heat and invite you to step on them with bare feet. From the same hall the house is refreshed thanks to them and their allies, the plants.
Very natural napkin rings.  Be creative
5.BE CREATIVE And decorate with your DIY. Like these napkin rings made with twine, wood and a small flower set. Ideal for a meal outside.
spring.  Open door days
6.OPEN DOOR DAYS If you have glass doors at home, which during the winter months have been closed separating rooms and keeping the heat in them, it is time for you to open your doors wide. You will be able to integrate spaces and fill the interior with that explosion of color that can be seen outside.
Paint a piece of furniture
7.PAINT A PIECE OF FURNITURE Retrieve an old piece with a coat of paint . Choose bold and bold colors. Spring lets you play!
spring Wallpaper walls
8.WALLPAPER WALLSBring the walls to life by dressing them with wallpapers with suggestive motifs: flowers, forests, farm animals.
9. TRAY EFFECT Serve the water in a glass jug and take the opportunity to recreate a centerpiece: place it on a tray and accompany it with other jugs and vases, some with flowers. The table will look much more dressed and stylish.
Drawer unit covered with DIY wallpaper
10. CUSTOMIZE A PIECE OF FURNITUREAre you tired of seeing the same furniture in your house? Well, change them to your liking. For example, paint or line them with paper or decorative vinyl and change the knobs of the drawers for more beautiful ones. The bookshelf, the TV console, the bedroom dresser … they will look like others if you give them a dose of imagination. 
Explosion of color
11. COLOR EXPLOSION You do not need to change the sofa cushions, simply change the covers for more cheerful ones and you will transform their appearance into a perique. 
Spring with new fabrics.
12. TERRACE AFTERNOONS At this point you will have the terrace almost ready to open it (if you have not already done so). Maybe it is a good time to give it a little spin and renew your look: put some wooden pallets on the cooler side, cover them with a mat, and multiple cushions that will instantly turn it into your chill-out corner. Choose prints with fresh colors, blues, and greens, that will bring you airs of the coast. Finish off with some overlapping rugs, for example, a few kilims on a large fiber pattern and start enjoying your terrace minutes!
Bouquets in original containers.  Improvise vases
13. IMPROVISE VASES Any container can become the most original vase with a beautiful flower: soft drink bottles, champagne glasses, or this glass canning jar. An idea with a very rural air.
Reading corner (almost) exterior
14. OUTDOOR READING CORNER If your terrace covers all the afternoon sun and it is impossible to go out without melting, choose to create an interior reading space but close to the terrace door to have good natural light. Surround yourself with plants (ficus, hydrangeas, orchids …) that give you that feeling of being outside without being, a couple of cushions on the floor to sit or lie down and some XL lantern-shaped candle holders, ready to go out on the terrace as soon as the sun goes down and light up your night evenings. This promises!
15.KITCHEN If possible, with seasonal fruit. We know that confinement makes it difficult to have a pantry like before, but do you know the cupcakes that can be made to spend better evenings? 
Spring in your celebrations.  Details on the chairs
16.DETAILS ON THE chairs for a family meal or a meeting with friends. See what simple and delicate details! A few jars hanging from the chairs so that each guest has their flower.
17.WELCOME TO MY HOME! Entering your home and having the first impression is accessing a landscaped hall will be a very pleasant feeling. You can create it based on a path of plants on the ground, vases with flowers distributed on the entrance console, or, as in this image, dressing a wall with wallpaper as beautiful as this one.
Original coasters.  Customize your coasters
18. CUSTOMIZE YOUR COASTERSVery easy to make and very springy. With white clay and crocheted rugs. You just have to spread the clay, put the mat on top, and roll the rolling pin over it. Carefully remove it, cut the clay into coasters, and let it dry for a few days. The result is practical and also very decorative. 
 A flowery headboard ... and beautiful
19.A FLOWERY HEADBOARD … AND BEAUTIFULLook what a good idea! If your bed does not have a headboard, create one on the wall with an original floral composition like this, based on artificial branches of various species: roses, carnations, petunias, ferns.
Enjoy the garden!  Enjoy the views
20.ENJOY THE VIEWS And if you are lucky to have a garden, give it color! A painted bench, a birdhouse, even a decorated tree will give it a very personal spring touch.
21. DEBUTS DISHES Dress the dining table with tablecloths in freshly printed cotton or linen fabrics in plain colors. Renew the tableware for a handmade invoice in marine colors and recycled glass glassware to make clear your iron bet that decoration and sustainability go hand in hand. 
Customize with flower prints.  Cover books and notebooks with fabrics
22. COVER BOOKS AND NOTEBOOKS WITH FABRICS In addition to protecting their covers from dust and the passage of time, you will decorate them by giving them color. See what beautiful and spring fabrics! They will be perfect in the books or agendas that are on your desk or on a shelf. And when you see that they get dirty you can wash them and put them back as many times as you want, or change them, if you prefer.
mikado and vintage watering can with pinterest flowers.  Different centerpieces
2. 3.DIFFERENT CENTERPIECESYes, transforming pieces into different ones is an excellent idea to give your home a fresh look. Do you want to decorate a side table with vintage style centers? Write down these tips that take the rustic to the top. Turn those delicate glass jars you no longer use into scented wand dispensers; revive the old rusty watering can with a coat of paint and fill it with flowers; Or recycle that beautiful bottle that instead of going to the glass container, reappears as a vase covered with fine string.
 Invent your own oasis
24. INVENT YOUR OWN OASISRenovating your house in spring also includes the bathroom. Feel it like new by making small changes in it that transform it into your little spa. Choose bright colors in the towels that remind you of nature, arrange plants that give you a feeling of freshness, decorate the sink with scented candles, play background music to relax …
Home always in spring main photo.  That special rustic touch
25. THAT SPECIAL RUSTIC TOUCH White ceramic jugs, metal watering cans, or green demijohns, like the ones in the image, will be the ideal accessory to give a certain vintage air to the lobby or living room. Insert in them some branches of natural or dry cotton, which do not need water and so well resist the passage of time or some pampas sticks that are the trend. Arrange them alone or in the round and compact bouquets. And if cotton brings back memories of winter or Christmas, then mix its branches with seasonal flowers, such as roses or daisies, but always forming simple compositions. Now it is spring!
Renew your rags.  Renew your kitchen towels
26. RENEW YOUR KITCHEN TOWELS And do it with spring air fabrics where flowers and stripes will be the star prints. These details, however small, count and add points in each room of the house. Your kitchen will surely appreciate it!
Healthy and decorative wallpaper-menus.  What a happy kitchen!
27. WHAT A HAPPY KITCHEN! Would you like to renovate a wall of your house with wallpaper? Choose motifs of flowers or that refer you to spring. They will look good on you now and the rest of the year. And decorate with ideas as fun as this: instead of having a sticker on the fridge with the weekly menu, why not invent a set of frames as original as this?
Sunny days and games
28. SUNNY DAYS AND GAMESWhen sunny days appear, take seats and hammocks to your terrace to enjoy them. And for children too! In them, you can play, sunbathe well protected, or spend a quiet moment of reading. Choose folding structures to be able to collect them and put them in a safe place, if suddenly an unexpected downpour falls.
Original and simple napkin holders.  Test your wit
29. TEST YOUR WITMaybe spring will open your mind and you will suddenly feel an irresistible desire to create. Do not resist! Copy this great idea for your meals abroad: rustic napkin rings like these. What are they great at?
Creative parties.  Very creative parties
30. VERY CREATIVE PARTIES Is it your child’s birthday? That deserves a party in style. Put ideas as simple but as eye-catching as these into action. Get colored paper and line bottles or create labels so that nobody loses their glass. Does any member of the family know how to tie sailor knots? Decorate the napkins with them. Put on a striped tablecloth, some skull garlands and you will have the best atmosphere to recreate a theme party dedicated to the evil pirates of the high seas. 

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