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A new era for old kitchens!

Raw materials, recycled or vintage furniture, neutral tones, old-style cooking is gaining popularity. Between vintage decor and more contemporary elements, we particularly like this warm style, country chic spirit, which would almost make us want to cook like our grandmothers!


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In addition to being frankly trendy, cement tiles are a great way to blow a country wind in your kitchen. Whether placed on the ground or in a credenza, their authenticity makes them a great ally, not to mention the character they instantly bring to the room.

We adore them in classic tones (beige, white, black, gray), mixed with trendy furniture, like these trendy chairs in keeping with the three large chandeliers overhanging the XXL dining table.

For the most original, do not hesitate to vary the patterns and colors of the cement tiles. For example, choose different models between the floor and the walls. You will avoid the total look and get a quirky but still elegant style.


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The country style is expressed above all through natural materials such as wood , glass or even slate, which blend perfectly with each other. For example, you can very well bet on wooden furniture, glass cupboard doors and a slate splashback for a very decorative look.

If your room has pretty wooden beams or exposed stone walls, do not hesitate to highlight them, they will bring an authentic style to the whole. Do not hide them, repaint them, renovate the walls, or leave them as they are. Stamp and style guaranteed!


recuperated Crate and Barrel

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The country-style necessarily leads to the old style and therefore decorative details specific to the past. Impossible to escape the furniture that crosses time like a wooden workbench or pretty hanging lamps.

To bring a country touch to your kitchen, you will understand, nothing better than recycling, from furniture to dishes (which you can easily mix with more trendy furniture). For example, fall for table linen, beautiful grandmother’s dishes, or glass jars. 

Neutral tones

neutral tone THE WORKSHOPS OF 4

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The country style is expressed through natural colors such as white, beige, or brown. The base of your kitchen will have to respond to these tones, from the worktop to the cupboard doors through the floor or the credenza.

To bring a touch of pep’s to the kitchen, brighten up the set with touches of color. And rather than opting for colorful dishes or kitchen linen, bet on chairs, a shelf, or a suspension in offbeat tones.

Special mention for red, the bright color of the quintessential country style but also for khaki, a modern color that blends perfectly with more neutral tones.

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Touches of greenery

ikea plants

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Who says countryside says nature, do not hesitate to multiply the plants in your kitchen, whether aromatic or not. Place small pots on the worktop and window sill, a larger one on the floor, or hanging plants. And for even more country style, choose concrete, terracotta or old-fashioned containers.

Another tip: flowers! In addition to bringing color and freshness, they will respond perfectly to the countryside spirit.

More Examples

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