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How to use white without being boring


The obsession with white interiors continues. White color not only provides the best backdrop for displaying personal style, it always looks fresh and modern and will add a simple and spacious feel to any room. Pearly whites go with just about everything, they are hard to tire of, and a pale paint job can be a cheap and easy way to fix a room or an entire house.


However, white doesn’t have to be boring or safe. Not only are there hundreds of shades, but you can also use textures, shapes, and layers to create different looks. There are several ways to work with it, from freshening up with a few cushions to painting an entire room, the floor, and everything. Here we show you how to get the right white, whether you want to fully immerse yourself or just integrate this beautiful color into your interior design.


Going all white

If you’re planning to create a consistent all-white look, from floor to ceiling to furniture, you’ll need to add texture and shape to keep things from feeling too clinical. Use a mixture of different materials and layers to create depth. Natural textures like linen, cotton, and wool have their unique shades and weights that can complement each other.

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Sheepskins or fluffy rugs and pillows can be used on floors or seats to add texture. Using white paint on unexpected surfaces such as brick, tongue and groove, textured wallpaper, pressed tin panels, or floorboards can have a similar effect. A variety of shapes will also keep things interesting, so add a curved piece of furniture or a mat organically.


Don’t settle for a single shade or finish, combine different whites and matte or gloss finishes for a three-dimensional look. Find an item to match the tones, such as a cushion or illustration that combines two or more whites, and target multiple repetitions of each tone so it doesn’t seem accidental. If you use a variety of whites in a room, it is best to make sure they are warm or cool tones.


You can also use light and shadow to create a sense of life and movement. The beauty of a white interior is that it highlights the interaction of light in a room, as well as the natural characteristics of the building. Blinds with light filters or room dividers are an inexpensive way to play with shadows.


Using it as a base shade

If all white isn’t your style, you can still get the most out of the minimal feel of the hue by using white as a base. This allows the colorful artwork and eye-catching furniture to stand out. However, before painting your walls or floorboards white, you’ll need to decide which shade will work for your room. This depends on the feel you are looking for, the furniture and floors you will be using, the size of the room, and the amount of natural and artificial light.


According to color specialists, cold whites make space appear larger. They work well in rooms with lots of natural light and fit contemporary, minimalist furniture and colors with similar cool tones. Warmer whites make a room feel smaller, sunnier, and more inviting. These have brown, yellow, or red undertones that pair well with gold or red floorboards and cream or sand-colored rugs.

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White as an accent

Maybe you’re renting and can’t add a new coat of paint right now, or you have a darker color palette that you want to brighten with white additions. White and off-white furnishings and accessories will add light and spacious feel to a dark space. Try anchoring your room with a white rug, adding a pale linen sofa, or bleaching an antique table or shelf.


Something as simple as creating a gallery wall with white frames, adding a neutral pendant light, hanging white curtains, or incorporating some pale, textured cushions into your bedroom or living room will also help. Another way to add a pearly touch is by making a feature like a brick fireplace or incorporating ivory tones with natural surfaces like marble tiles or a stone table. White trims combined with a darker wallpaper can also be effective.

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The color white has long reigned in the inner world, and for good reason. Arguably, it is one of the most versatile paint colors. It’s easy to live with, feels fresh and clean, and goes with just about anything.

But, despite its adaptable nature, the choice of white paint isn’t as foolproof as it seems. The most common question asked about white is how do I choose a white for my home?

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Deciding “white” is only the first step. Deciding on the “correct target” is another matter entirely. As soon as you see the white swatch sheet, it’s not an easy choice to make.

Whites can generally be divided into two groups; warm whites and cold whites. To help narrow down your choice of white, your first decision should be which shade (warm or cool) would work best in your home.


Cold whites

As a general rule, cool whites make space appear larger. Cold whites work best in rooms with abundant natural light because cold colors tend to neutralize bright light. Cold whites are crisp, clean, and bright and are called “cold whites” because they have black, gray, or blue undertones. Due to this, they adapt to a contemporary, minimalist, or Scandinavian style. Combine them with dark gray flooring, charcoal rugs, and colors with similar cool tones.


Warm whites

In contrast, warm whites have the effect of making a room feel smaller and more inviting, making them the perfect candidate for rooms that don’t get much sun. They have brown, yellow or red undertones and are a popular choice if you want to give your room a sunny, pleasant and more relaxed atmosphere. Warm whites pair well with wood floors that also have a red or gold hue.


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