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What is the right color to paint the kitchen?

It is often said that there are tastes for everything. However, when it comes to color palettes to paint a division, it must always be considered that some convey certain sensations. The planning of the colors of a kitchen must be seriously thought before proceeding to your choice. The colors must match the cabinets, reflect the light, and convey the right atmosphere. Also, it is advisable to think long-term and, if it is to sell the house, what will be able to please a greater number of potential buyers.

Colors for kitchens

Color rules for the kitchen

As a rule, kitchen design rules dictate that very dark colors or cool colors, such as blue or purple, don’t stimulate the appetite. If we stop to think a little about these colors, they aren’t the ones we associate with the earth and the food we eat. So they generally don’t work as well in kitchens.

With that said, kitchen colors should follow personal taste, and there is room for a vast spectrum to choose from. Black is conventionally the wrong color for a kitchen. However, black works well when contrasted with the stainless steel of kitchen elements or the white of table and ceiling lamps. It is all a matter of making a balanced combination.

Give what color to paint the kitchen

We are going to give some ideas for all tastes, so you can choose the colors that appeal to you the most, either for your new house or to make some reforms or paintings in your current home. 

Neutral colors with hints of warm colors

With the right shades and shades, any color can transform into a more neutral or discreet color. Neutral colors are, in general, more appreciated and appealing to most people. For those who are going to sell the house, they are good colors in which to bet on not only adjusting to a particular type of taste or not being seen as “bad taste.”

Neutral colors are often considered boring colors, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By adding touches of red, yellow, or orange, neutral colors can acquire a more cheerful and lively air, transmitting a feeling of warmth and well-being. However, combined with green, blue, or violet, they can fade a bit and be less appealing to a kitchen.

Give what color to paint the kitchen

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Light yellow

Many owners and designers agree that light yellow is a winning color in the kitchen. It is discreet so that it doesn’t tire the view. But also appealing so that it complements the rest of the kitchen structure, such as cabinets or wooden installations.

Like whites, yellows reflect the lighting to the maximum. More valuable if you had a house with darker colors, without creating a clinical appearance as sometimes happens with whites.

Kitchen colors painting ideas


Brown is considered the color of the earth and can give that feeling of comfort and return to the origins. It reminds farms and orchards, the places where the food we consume arises. For those people who don’t like the most common neutral colors, such as white, brown, chestnut hue emerges as a new neutral to bet on.

Brown colors to paint your kitchen


White is the quintessential color for kitchens. With the minimalist tendency to enter more and more homes, this color is no longer only used to paint walls. It is now present in all elements. White walls, white cabinets, white ceiling, white countertops, white table. In case of doubt, choose white!

White to paint the kitchen
White to paint the kitchen


The red color in the kitchen isn’t for everyone. But you may consider if you want something more innovative, out of the ordinary, and give a warm touch.

With the kitchen full of darker colors, adding red elements can contrast this leaner environment. With a kitchen full of gray stainless steel equipment and utensils, the red tones can provide a focal point that is pleasing to the eye.

Reds to paint your kitchen


As previously mentioned, blue is usually not the number one choice for a kitchen. As it is a cold color, it may not stimulate the appetite. And it isn’t a color present in ingredients and dishes, unlike the most present colors on earth.

In any case, blue can be an excellent color to give a vintage and retro touch to the kitchen. With the right hue and amount, this color can work in your kitchen, too.

Blues for the kitchen
Blues for the kitchen

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