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Zen philosophy in interior design


In our article today, we offer you a description of the interior in the Zen style.
We live in a modern world and are always in a hurry to go or get somewhere. We have a habit of constantly rushing and making decisions quickly, without thinking about the consequences of our actions.

But even in a hurry, a modern person doesn’t have time for much. And the main thing you don’t have time for is the most important thing just living. Enjoy the world of nature, learn about yourself, develop and improve. The ancients knew that man is a creature that belongs primarily to the nature of this planet and therefore must live in harmony with it. This is what Zen philosophy is about.


But what harmony can we talk about if a person cannot even stop and think about his actions, to predict the consequences of his actions? To know the world around you, you must first know your inner world, to know yourself. And for this, you need to learn, not only to stop and understand what is happening, but you must also prepare carefully to immerse yourself in the infinite expanses of knowledge.

Buddhists know-how, like no other, to contemplate the world around them. And we should learn that from them. The best way to do this is through meditation which is part of Zen philosophy.


But to meditate, you need to prepare a place and the soul. Eliminate all irritants and find calm. Creating a world of harmony in your home will help the design style inspired by Zen philosophy. The style is based on minimalism, simplicity, and clarity of straight lines.


Natural colors – Minimalism inside the Zen style.

It must be remembered that the color that surrounds a person greatly affects their psyche. Bright colors can irritate, worsen well-being and mood.

But at the same time, vivid details will cheer you up on a rainy day, reminding you that spring is coming.

The most ideal is the shades of white, gray, beige, pink. These are the colors of nature, which cause peace and tranquility in the soul.

If such an interior seems too boring to you, you can determine the color, the domain of which will attract attention, and the other colors will complement it.


Soft mat creates comfort not just for the legs

Our feet are the boundary between the inner world and the outer world. If they step on a cold, hard surface, then the person is entering a lump, ready to repel any attack.

But if a person’s feet feel soft, warm and comfortable, they signal to the body that everything is in order and that you can relax and relax a little.

Wood is an ideal floor in the house where you can and should rest and relax. The wooden floor can be made of thick and durable boards, perfectly adjusted to each other or parquet. Wood flooring is always warmer and safer.

But true warmth and comfort for your feet will help create a natural fiber rug. Yes, such a rug requires care, but it will pay you in full.

And of course, you can’t forget about the color combination of the floor covering. Ideally, it should be khaki or gray, or perhaps shades of dark beige.


Natural fabrics

Creating comfort in the house isn’t possible without the use of curtains. Wool curtains will increase sound insulation and prevent drafts. And silk and linen will emphasize lightness and will be pleasant to the touch.

Be sure to pay attention to the structural elements to join the curtains. They must be fashionable. You can experiment with blinds, as they allow you to change the direction of the light rays.


Maximize natural light

Large, open windows give maximum natural light. Avoid bright light. The narrowly directed lamps will work ideally, allowing you to adjust the brightness of the lamps. It is better to use multiple wall lights with dim lights.

It is best to replace the nightstand lamps with a fixture that illuminates only where you are reading. Candles are a great way to light up space.


Furniture in the style of “Everything ingenious is simple”

Classic furniture made of natural materials, emphasizing straight and clear lines in shades suitable for the interior, will allow you to relax and rest as much as possible.

The Zen style offers some recommendations for the bedroom.

The bed will be kept perfectly close to the window, but on the condition that it isn’t placed in front of the entrance to the room. Its height should not exceed half a meter, and the finish should be made of natural materials. The number of pillows should not exceed their functionality.

A cozy reading corner can be created from a chair and a reading table with a lamp or floor lamp.

zen-cuisine-locati-architects-ideas philosophy

Empty walls – freedom of thought

Don’t use decorations and decorations on the walls, or use only what organically suits the interior of minimalism.

Aromatherapy or Aromatherapy

Use scented lamps, candles, and essential oils to create a unique fragrance in your home. But remember that people are different and may not understand or accept your taste. Don’t overload the living room with scents.


Create a room without appliances

Remember that our brains are electronic impulses. Therefore, any appliance affects us most negatively.

To listen to the silence, leave a minimum of appliances in the bedroom or organize a room with a design inspired by Zen philosophy in which you can relax, even due to the negative impact of civilization.

zen-place-do-yoga philosophy

Raise green plants as decoration

The use of plants in the decoration of the rooms is a successful and convenient way to create comfort in the house with a design inspired by Zen philosophy.

Oxygen and green will have a calming effect. However, you should not use whimsical and strong-smelling plants.

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