DIY handmade lamps
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10 Creative handmade lamp ideas

As always, I’m looking for inspiration for something specific. This time I want to transform the bedroom night lights into something different and design my own handmade lamps. Because going to buy two new lamps isn’t funny. Meanwhile, I share with you the inspiring images that I find. Lots of ideas that you can apply to your home. I hope they serve you!

DIY handmade lamps

Handmade lamps

Do you want to transform only the lampshade of your lamp? We bring ideas to give a touch of originality easily and without spending a lot of money on the table or floor lamps you already have at home. With these ideas, you will change the appearance of your lamps so that they will look like others. Look at these handmade lamps and take notes.

Handmade lamps

Decorate your lampshade with an old knitted sweater.

Handmade lamps

Or with various crocheted doilies. You may also like: Decorate with crochet doilies

Handmade lamps

A display can be dressed up nicely with a few simple pom poms.

Handmade lamps

Or get a rustic touch with some wooden sticks.

Handmade lamps

And depending on the place that your lamp will occupy, you can personalize it with objects from the same room. Like this example that we propose, cutlery for the kitchen.

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Handmade lamps

But if you want to go a little further and a small change isn’t enough for you. If you want to build your own with your little hands’ handmade lamps. Here we suggest some models with which you will freak out. You will see that these handmade lamps look good to buy and expensive! With these proposals, you will save on decorating your home. Let’s go there!

DIY string lamp
DIY wicker carrycot lamp

I love the first idea. It is a woven lamp, not embroidered! What you can do without having prior knowledge of sewing, don’t suffer. You need two identical screen structures and lots of embroidery thread.

We share an idea of ​​a home hobby in which they have used two wicker baskets as screens for a country air kitchen. We find it very original and we see many possibilities with both carrycot and natural fiber baskets. We left it there!

DIY Ball Lamp

Wooden ball lamps have stolen our hearts. On the internet, you will find many tutorials.

DIY fringe lamp

We continue our recommendation of the best handmade lamps with a very elegant model, a fringe lamp that you can make.

Lamp with paper plates

And the immensity of materials that you can use to create an original lamp has surprised us this work: with paper plates! Really? And it also causes an amazing effect.

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