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14 DIY things to do with tin cans

The spring of 2020 will have been that of DIY of all kinds. Is lockdown going on for you? Here are other creative ideas! They do not require a big investment and are ecological since they ask to recycle what we all have at home: empty cans. Whether for a practical or purely decorative purpose, we can achieve very beautiful things with these round tin cans. Here are 14 proofs!

1. A decorative bee

A tin can for the body, beer caps for the eyes. Legs in threads and buttons, wings in cut soda bottles. We hang it all outside or in the house! Obviously, we can also make a dragonfly, a butterfly …

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

2. Original characters

With canned goods and various materials, such as feathers, paper, sticks, etc. we can give life to robots, clowns, or any other funny character.

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

3. Portable storage for utensils

A good idea for meals in the yard or picnics!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

4. A birdhouse

The rounded shape of the preserves gives a super interesting look to these small huts for birds.

5. A flowered mobile

The metal of the preserves can easily bend (carefully) to make interesting shapes.

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

6. Colorful flower pots

With a little paint, you can transform good sized preserves. We fill them with soil and we plant!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

7. A “basket” for gardening tools

A very practical and solid accessory!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

8. A “natural” manger or decoration

You can fill the canned decorated with insects to attract birds or simply to look pretty!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

9. Table candlesticks

For a cozy atmosphere during the evening meal, this is perfect.

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

10. Vertical feeders

A buffet for everyone!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

11. A decorative owl

A large can, caps, ropes, lids … a little paint. Great!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

12. A desk lamp

A few pieces of wood and two preserves and you easily get a superb lamp and pencil holder!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

13. Outdoor lighting

You can plant canned goods and put candles on them! Or, use this concept to identify seedlings in the garden.

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

14. Storage for tools or DIY items

Sort the nails, screwdrivers, brushes or pencils, or whatever you want to tinker and transport everything easily in a nice container of the kind!

source: Facebook – Deco-recycling

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