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Father’s Day: 25 cute and easy crafts to do with kids

The Father’s day is approaching and many of us are already thinking about what we could present him this year that special man. Some people choose to give away a homemade breakfast to surprise him, while others seek to have experiences together that help them create new memories, and of course, others give away some purchased detail.

But if you are looking for a gift that besides being original has sentimental value, doing something with our own hands is the ideal option. We share 25 beautiful and easy crafts to give to dad this Father’s Day.

A bottle of memories with Legos

Lego Souvenirs Father's Day Crafts

If we have Legos at home (or any set of blocks) that the children no longer use or from which we can use some pieces, we can make this beautiful craft from The Seasoned Mom, in which we write activity with dad in each block and then the place in a jar.

A bookmark

Father's Day Crafts Bookmarks

Daddy is a book lover? So a personalized bookmark, like the one we’ve seen in I heart crafty things is the perfect gift.

Superhero bookmarks

Father's Day Crafts Bookmarks Avengers

In case you have a reading dad who is also a fan of superheroes, we can choose the version of bookmarks made with pole sticks that we propose in Crafts by Amanda .

Some Lego cufflinks

Lego Twins Father's Day Crafts

Another craft that we can make using Lego pieces are these cufflinks or cufflinks that we have seen in Dream a little bigger , which require few materials and a little paint.

Cufflinks with letters

Twins Father's Day Crafts

Another option that we can do if we want to give dad some cufflinks or cufflinks for his shirts, is to use the letter pieces of board games, as they show us in Hello Wonderful.

A scarf with a personalized stamp

Father's Day Crafts

An accessory that not many parents currently use but without a doubt is still a nice detail, it is a scarf , and in Paper n Stitch Blog they show us how to make a small stamp to personalize it.

A decorated pillow case

Father's Day Crafts Pillow Case

Another textile that we can easily decorate is a pillowcase . We can make an elaborate design, or simply draw a cute phrase on it, like the one we found in Mama Papa Bubba .

A bouquet of socks

Father's Day Socks

If you are looking to give a classic and useful gift, comfortable socks can be a good option. But do not deliver them as they come in the package and do it creatively by putting them in a corsage , as we have seen in How does she .

Key Organizer with Legos

Lego Father's Day Crafts

Another craft that we can make using Lego blocks or pieces is this practical and fun key organizer that we have seen in Man Made DIY .

A tie keychain

Father's Day Crafts Keychain

And speaking of keys, how about a keychain ? We liked the one shown in The green beans crafterole , made with a miniature tie.

Card in the form of a tie

Crafts Father's Day Card Tie

Already entered the theme of ties, if Dad is a frequent user of them, we can give him a handmade card in the shape of a tie , as suggested in One Creative Mommy .

A card with mini bowties

Father's Day Crafts Necktie Card

Another alternative is the cute miniature bowtie card we saw at I’m in Haven .

Card filled with confetti

Father's Day Crafts Confetti Card

A funnier Father’s Day card idea is the one we’ve seen at Martha Stewart : filled with confetti or colored pieces of paper .

A mug with a mustache

Crafts Father's Day Mug Mustache

If Dad is a lover of drinking coffee frequently, giving him a cup is an excellent option. An example of easy and fast crafts is this from From the tortoise and the hare , in which we simply draw a mustache.

A decorated mug

Father's Day Crafts Decorated Mug

On the other hand, we can let children bring out their most creative side and let their imaginations run wild, freely decorating a mug with a permanent marker , as they show us at Mom Luck .

A mug to draw dad

Father's Day Crafts Blackboard Mug

Another fun and original option for the dad who loves to drink coffee is this idea from Wit and Whistle , in which we paint a part with special paint to make it look like a blackboard so we can change the drawing or decoration as many times as we want.

A pot or pot with sweets

Father's Day Crafts Potted Sweets

If, on the contrary, Dad is more a lover of sweet things, we can copy this simple and original idea of Make it Love it : a flower pot full of sweets or chocolates and decorated with a miniature tie.

Custom pencils

Father's Day Crafts

Dad architect, draftsman or writer? Then some personalized pencils can be the ideal gift. We liked this simple option with washi tape and letter stickers we’ve seen on Tonya Staab.

Lego pencil holder

Father's Day Crafts

Of course, you can’t miss a place to put those personalized pencils, so we also suggest the fun idea of Laly Mom : make a pencil holder for Dad with Lego blocks .

A custom hammer

Hammer Father's Day Crafts

In case you have a dad who loves carpentry or has a fondness for construction or woodwork, we can take the Crafts by Amanda idea and give him a new custom hammer .

A photo frame with stones

Photo Frame Father's Day Crafts

A craft that we can do with a little help from nature is this frame for photographs with stones , an idea that we have seen in Mommy Moment .

A box full of photographs

Father's Day Crafts Photo Box

If we want to make a more elaborate craft, but full of surprises, we have the fun option of It’s always autumn : an “explosive” box full of photographs .

A list of things we love about him

Father's Day Crafts Pendant

On this date, it is nice to send a message full of love and positivity. That’s why we loved the idea of EzeBreezy : a pendant with a list of 10 things we love about dad .

A crown to celebrate your day

Father's Day Crafts Corona

And as we know, on this day, the person we celebrate with great honors is him, so we liked the idea of making him a crown with cutouts of things he likes, as suggested in 4 crazy kings .

Best dad award

Father's Day Crafts Prize

Finally, a craft that says it all: the award for the best dad in the world . A simple idea from One Crazy Mom , but certainly one that says a lot.

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