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Crafting is always a lot of fun and even more so when it is done in the company of the little ones at home. Doing crafts allows you to relax and distract yourself from everyday life. And something advantageous is that you can make any craft with any material you have at home or in your garden, such as twigs.

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For any beautiful and creative project, you can use any element that sometimes goes unnoticed. This time we will show you the various projects that can be carried out with the twigs. Believe it or not, these slim twigs are quite versatile and useful for anything you can think of to do. With them, you can give free rein to your creativity and ingenuity and if you need a little help, just keep reading to get inspired.

Twig Crafts – Table Runner

table path crafts

Our first idea and something as simple and easy as the rest is a table runner. Yes, a simple and cute table cumin made with twigs. In this project, it is very simple and decorative for the dining room table.

twigs path crafts

To make and have your beautiful table decoration, you only have to choose some twigs and cut them to the same size, making them all almost the same length. Once you have the size you want, tie them with a thread. By the way, if you want you can also add decorative basins for a little color.

Twig Crafts – Beautiful Pumpkin Wreath

pumpkin crafts

Another nice project and just as easy is to make a pumpkin crown. This project can work perfectly for a Halloween decoration or just display it whenever you want. In this case, you will simulate with the twigs the shape of the pumpkin with everything and stem. They look beautiful and it doesn’t take you long to make this striking decoration.

Simple crown made of twigs

crown crafts

Without a doubt, the rustic crowns are very attractive adornments and work well for any occasion. They are one of the most common and popular decorations and it isn’t difficult to make one. You just have to take each branch and wrap them around each other. Obviously, in the beginning, it won’t have a round shape, but as you wrap branches it will be more stable. Once ready you can paste the flowers you want and ready.

Crafts with branches to hang

heart crafts

In case you find branches a little thicker and not so flexible, you can think about making a nice hanging wall ornament. You could take the branches and paint them tie them up and hang it up. You can even add some photos or cards. Also simulate a small flag, or whatever comes to mind.

accessories crafts

Remember that as you enter the world of crafts, without realizing it you start having more and more great ideas. And when you share this recreation with the little ones in the house, they will also contribute great ideas. Crafts are for fun, relaxation, and creating new things. They don’t matter if you are an expert in the field. What is important is that you enjoy everything you do.

Bird nests to decorate with colored eggs

easter crafts

Not all twigs are thick and dry, some twigs are green and thin and you might think about making little bird nests. This project will delight the little one in the house. This would be great for Easter decoration, so take advantage and fill them with colored eggs. This is also very simple, you will only need twigs, fine floral wire and scissors, and a little water.

nest crafts

The water is for you to soak the twigs and be a little softer and more flexible to work with. You just have to take a twig and give it the circular shape and secure it with wire. This, to make it even easier, you must do it individually, that is, make circles with each twig but they will be a little bigger each time. Then you stack them one on top of the other and once stacked you secure them with wire to stabilize it a little more. And you will have your beautiful bird’s nest.

Rustic and simple votive of twigs

candle crafts

Another beautiful and simple project that will give light to your home is a twig chandelier. You can do it simply with the natural twigs or if you prefer you can paint them in different colors. Whether rustic natural or colorful it will look great and look cozy when you light the candle. Remember that there is no rule for every craft. You have complete freedom to create what you want and how you want it. Here we just try to give you some ideas to get you started and share with your family.

Mini Christmas Trees

Christmas crafts

Of course, you cannot miss mentioning that with these versatile twigs you can make any type of decoration and at any time of the year. You can perfectly use these elements to make Christmas decorative projects.

decoration crafts

Rustic Christmas decorations are beautiful and go great with any Christmas tree decorations or in your Christmas interior decoration. You can make mini Christmas trees with twigs. As for the materials, only the twigs, glue, a piece of string, and if you want some stickers for you to decorate.

Branches frame for photos

frame crafts

You can also have a nice and rustic photo frame. You have to choose the number of twigs according to the thickness of the frame you want. Then you must group them into four stacks. To make it a little easier, tie each stack with thread and then wrap the four corners with a cute ribbon of the color you prefer.

DIY ladder with branches

branch stair crafts

Small twigs are easy to find, and as you’ve already seen, they can be used in many cool projects. Large branches, on the other hand, can be a little harder to work with, but they can be incorporated into some awesome crafts, too. In the case of much larger and thicker branches, you could think of a rustic staircase, where you won’t need many materials or time either and despite being simple they are very striking.

Colorful pencil holder

pencil holder crafts

The vast majority of twig crafts are overly easy, so you can perfectly include kids. Another very easy and useful project at home is a pencil holder. Simply with a recyclable tin, a piece of burlap glue, and twigs.

pencil crafts

Just wrap the can with burlap and then glue each twig on top. Once ready, you can leave it like that or you can also decorate it as you want. There are many crafts to make with twigs, these are just some of them.

lamp crafts
matero crafts
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