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Golden blonde or ash blonde? Find out which shade will suit you best

You have already decided on the blonde, now you must choose the shade that best suits you. We clarify some doubts so you can discover if the golden blonde or ash blonde will be the one for your next look.

Choose the right blonde

Blonde hair is a favorite of women, it does not go out of style and is a style that is constantly updated. But what transforms it into such a sought-after tonality? The blonde is sophisticated, bright, and attractive. The well-chosen shade brings sweetness to the face, allows the illumination of the look, and even rejuvenates a look.

If you are in doubt whether to opt for a golden blonde or an ash blonde, we will tell you what each one consists of and some keys that will help you choose the right one.

Getting your blonde to look as if it were natural will be essential for you to stand out and not to notice a very extreme change.

If you are looking to nuance or change your hair color, you should take into account aspects such as your style, the hue of your skin, and the color of your eyes. Ask for the advice of a color expert who, after performing a hair diagnosis, will be able to recommend the best shade of blonde for you and the best technique to try it.

Golden blond

A golden blonde can be shiny or matte and more or less light. Be that as it may, it will always be a very sitting look that will bring luminosity and vitality to the hair. A timeless shade, suitable for women of all ages that can be achieved through different techniques. Everything will depend on the objective sought. The key, to be done by an expert colorist who manages to print naturalness in the look.

Ash Blond

The ash-blonde corresponds to a blonde that is tinged with gray and cold tones can range from a very white blonde to silver. It is a sophisticated and elegant shade that will allow you to create bold and deep looks. It can be displayed globally or through different lighting techniques and it is a perfect alternative if what you are looking for is to hide your gray hair or make a difference with your style. If you don’t have naturally blonde hair with brown or gray-gray undertones, the only way to get an ash blonde will be to bleach your hair.

Golden blonde v / s Ash blonde

Among the differences that exist between an ash blonde and a golden one, the main one has to do with the reflection of light that each shade brings to the hair.

Ash blondes are visibly colder and duller shades. To get them you will likely need significant discoloration. If you decide to try an ash blonde and you are dark brown, you will have to bleach your hair, probably in more than one session, and then tint in the tone to obtain the desired reflection. If you are blonde you will also have to discolor, but the process will be much easier and faster.

On the other hand, golden blondes will better reflect light, bringing a lot of shine and light to the hair. Getting a look with this shade will be less aggressive for your hair and it is possible that you will achieve it one in one session.

What is for you?

If you are in doubt whether to choose one or the other, choose based on which one will fit you best. For this, you must take into account aspects such as your color and skin tone, your eye color, and your style, but also consider the state of your hair.

A professional in your salon will be the best candidate to help you with accurate advice. For while we advance some points that you can consider.

Ash-blonde will look best on women with fair skin and light eyes. In those with a dark complexion, he could harden his features. An ash blonde can exacerbate dull skin and doesn’t go as well with matte skin.

Golden blondes are more compatible and will suit all skin types very well. If you are pale, gold will help brighten your face and if you are tanned, it will highlight it even more.

As for the style, wearing an ash blonde will demand attitude and you will have to complement it very well with the clothes and accessories you choose. A golden blonde will be ideal if your style is natural and you are looking for a subtle change that brings light and dimension to your hair.

What to consider when trying blondes

  • • Blond, in all its forms, is a color that does not go out of style.
  • • If you bleached your hair to get the blonde you wanted, you will need to take proper care of it to make it look healthy, feel soft, and keep the color glowing.
  • • Blond hair is usually more sensitive to external aggressions, so its care is essential to prevent it from losing its shine and unwanted tones from appearing.
  • • You should know that ash blondes tend to be more fragile in their shade. In other words, they have a faster washout, so you must take care of it and maintain it with special products.

Get inspired by these looks

Here are some styles you can try. Choose the best for you and order it in your nearest salon.

Golden highlights

This is a perfect way to brighten brown hair that will rejuvenate the look. The most illuminated sections in the contour of the face frame and highlight it.

Golden Balayage

A beachy gradient style with light and movement, ideal to create a subtle contrast in your hair.

Highlights and lowlights

A golden blonde hair that stands out thanks to a subtle mix of lowlights and highlights that combine to create a smooth look that adds depth and dimension to a classic color.

Golden blonde with dimension

A golden blonde that stands out with hints of caramel. Lights and shadows provide movement, strength and transform it into a look that you will surely want to have.

Babylights in golden blonde

These babylights will give you a subtle and natural style that recreates the effect of the sun on brown hair, illuminating it with a warm golden blonde.

Light ash-blonde

A light ash blonde, practically white, will not leave anyone indifferent. You will freeze the looks around you. Although it can harden the features a little, if you wear it with an attitude, it will be a look that will make you stand out.

Dark ash

A dark ash shade works very well on brown or brown bases because the change, although it will be evident, will not be so abrupt.

Ash babylights

If you want to try ash blonde, but do not compromise with the tone globally, try strategically adding reflections in this shade to your mane. A very stylish way to start with the ash color.

Cold ash

A blonde that will make you fall in love, but will require professional care. You will stand out wherever you go for your cool attitude. The challenge, to keep the reflection cold, avoiding the appearance of warm nuances.

Ash-blonde in long hair

An ash blonde in long hair looks high impact. However, it does not matter how your hair is, because this shade will stand out if it is long, short, a midi mane or if it is straight or curly.

How to care for the color

Colored hair requires certain care and these will be more demanding if the process involved discoloration. Here are some tips.

  • • To maintain a golden blonde and radiant ash color, it will be essential to include in your care routine both a shampoo and a conditioner oriented to color protection. This will ensure the durability and vitality of the color.
  • • To recover the fiber after discoloration, consider a repairing treatment in the salon and the use of a mask with revitalizing action.
  • • Another need will be to keep the unwanted tones that appear due to color oxidation out of the look. Depending on whether they are yellow, copper, or orange, select a nuancing shampoo that will help neutralize them. Use it once a week or every 15 days and keep any undertones at bay.

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