Quick and healthy breakfasts-eat-well
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Quick and healthy breakfasts – Recipes and tips

Quick and healthy breakfasts-eat-well

In our article today we share with all of you the best foods to include in your quick and healthy breakfasts. According to experts, breakfast should be light, but at the same time give vitality and energy throughout the day. Knowing this, nutritionists have compiled a list of the main breakfast foods:

fried eggs or omelet
oatmeal with fruit or nuts
cereals with juice or milk
buckwheat with milk
fruit salad
vegetable salad with herbs
cottage cheese with fruit
wholemeal bread
low-calorie cheese

The idea of ​​cereal with milk was supported by almost all the scientists who had an opinion on the subject. They believe that any liquid food, such as soup, is more useful for breakfast. They are absorbed faster and don’t cause heaviness in the stomach. But as for the other elements of the “useful list”, a dispute arose between the experts. Some nutritionists say that breakfast cereals contain a lot of sugar, as well as artificial additives.

Yogurt is also considered so to speak useless for breakfast: According to experts, beneficial bacteria, once in an aggressive environment on an empty stomach, are quickly destroyed and the benefits simply don’t reach the intestines. In this case, it is better to add yogurt to the cottage cheese with fruit. Here are some quick and healthy breakfast recipes you can try this week.

Quick and healthy breakfasts-eat

Quick and healthy breakfast with eggs

A chicken egg contains up to 14% of daily protein, a large supply of essential amino acids, without which the normal functioning of the body is impossible. And also the main vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants that help against many diseases. For breakfast, you can boil hard-boiled eggs or cook, for example, Benedict eggs or scrambled eggs with various additives.

Eggs are a healthy product for a perfect start to the day.
Scientists say that quick and healthy breakfasts should include eggs as they help them cope with the feeling of hunger and offer lasting satiety. A good idea is to make scrambled eggs.


Quick and healthy breakfast recipes with eggs

Spinach and cheese omelet
eggs – 2
spinach – 50 g
hard cheese – 30 g
milk – 2 tablespoons
butter – 20 g

The spinach leaves are thoroughly cleaned of impurities and soaked in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Cut the spinach leaves and reserve them. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. Beat the eggs with milk and seasonings.

Heat the pan with butter and simmer the spinach for 2 minutes. Pour the prepared spinach with egg dough and sprinkle with grated cheese. Over medium heat, cook until golden brown underneath, then rotate tortilla. After 1-2 minutes, remove from heat and put on a plate.

Scrambled eggs
egg – 2
milk – 2 tablespoons
butter – 20 g
salt pepper

Beat the eggs well with milk, salt, and pepper. Heat the pan with butter and add the egg mixture. Continuously stir the eggs with a spatula until lumps form

Quick and healthy breakfasts eat-scrambled-eggs

Quick and healthy breakfasts with cereals or granola

Yes, the best-selling cereals that are ready to eat aren’t the most useful in the world. To get the most out of them, you can cook them yourself. To do this, soak the flakes in water or milk, and when they swell, just add fresh berries, fruit, a handful of walnuts, and a tablespoon of honey or jam.
The granola is good because you can cook a lot and then not think about breakfast for a whole week. You take out the granola, pour it with yogurt, sprinkle with berries, and voila: breakfast is ready. Making your granola isn’t difficult at all. And for those who don’t believe in this, we especially give a step-by-step recipe.

Quick and healthy breakfasts-eat-cereals

Quick and healthy breakfast recipes – Granola

You will need to:

oatmeal – 3 tablespoons
sunflower seeds (sesame, squash, sunflower, or mix) – 3 tablespoons
walnuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts) – 2 tablespoons
dried berries – 2 tablespoons
honey – 2 tablespoons l
vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon
cinnamon – optional
yogurt or milk, berries and fresh fruits (to serve)

Mix oats, seeds, nuts, and dried berries in a deep bowl. In a separate bowl, mix a couple of honey and vegetable oil. Add cinnamon if you like. Pour dry mix with honey dressing and mix well. The mixture must catch lumps, they must break. We spread the mixture on a baking sheet covered with parchment. We put in the oven heated to 180 degrees. Bake for about fifteen minutes, periodically removing them from the oven and stirring. It is necessary to interfere, otherwise, it will burn.


Cottage cheese from those products that are good in any way. From it, you can make cheesecakes, casseroles, or eat with honey, fruit, or dried fruit. And if you whipped the cottage cheese in a blender with your favorite fruits and berries, you get an excellent cottage cheese mousse to spread on the bread.

cottage cheese – half a pack
favorite fruits and berries
Beat the cottage cheese in a blender with fruit or berries until a smooth and uniform consistency is obtained. Such a mousse can be spread on buns or simply served with honey, jam, or any other ingredient.

quick-and-healthy-breakfasts-eat-cottage cheese

Quick and healthy breakfasts – Sandwiches or toast

Yes, don’t be surprised. A sandwich is a great breakfast. Besides, it is also the fastest. Only if you do it without white bread and it isn’t clear what type of sausage. For example, you can have cereal bread. Spread the grated cottage cheese with herbs and top with a piece of boiled meat. What’s wrong with it? By the way, here is a recipe to take advantage of.


Grease two slices of bread with cottage cheese. A lettuce leaf, sliced ​​tomatoes, and a few layers of ham. Top with the second slice of bread.


Guacamole and chickpea sandwich

Make the guacamole. You should get a ripe avocado, mix with chopped coriander, tomatoes, and onions. Add salt and pepper, squeeze the juice from half the lemon. Stir well and spread the resulting mixture on the bread. Add canned chickpeas and lettuce. Top with the second slice of bread. You can also boil the chickpeas: soak them overnight, drain them in the morning, pour in new water, and boil them for 20 minutes until tender.


Cut the loaf of bread in half. Grease the halves with homemade mayonnaise, roll out thin slices of fresh cucumber and tomatoes. Add lettuce leaves and, if desired, onion slices. On top of them, put the canned tuna in its juice.



With bananas, chocolate, apples, sour cream, honey, and jam, a cup of lemon tea in the morning to accompany the pancakes? This, of course, isn’t as easy to cook as snacks, but it isn’t as difficult either. You can find out how to make pancakes here. Fritters, by the way, can be made not only with the dough but also with carrots or any other vegetable.

eggs – 2
milk – 200 ml
wheat flour – 10 tablespoons
baking powder – 1 tsp
sugar – 2 tablespoons
vanilla – optional
Beat the eggs with milk. Then add sugar and vanilla and beat again. Then gradually add the flour and baking powder, stirring thoroughly. The dough should be quite thick and slimy.
Preheat a skillet with a nonstick coating. When the pan is hot, pour the dough into a dry skillet. Cover and fry over medium heat. When the top of the pancake becomes porous but still moist, flip it over and fry for another minute. You can serve them, pour with honey, syrup, liquid chocolate, or jam.



The keyword here is whole grain. Therefore, the steamed mix in the bag won’t do. But oatmeal or buckwheat is very yes. Rice is also suitable if you cook it with milk, as in childhood, yes. If you don’t have time to cook porridge in the morning, simply steam the cereal overnight in a thermos. We already tell you about cereals, by the way, you can find sweet and savory recipes here.


Meat with vegetables

Suddenly you fancy something more unexpected for Sunday breakfast. But we’re not talking about fatty pork chop and fries anyway. We’re talking about lean boiled meat and boiled vegetables – this is a great option for a protein breakfast. extremes, meat, and vegetables cannot be boiled but baked.

When it comes to baking you should know

The amount of vegetables baked depends mainly on how you cut them. First, the vegetables should be cut into small pieces of the same size. Small vegetables are baked whole or cut in two halves, so they won’t have time to burn or ferment. And yes, small pieces bake faster, larger pieces will take much longer.

We all know that vegetables are drizzled with oil before baking. In addition to the fact that with the same oil you need to grease the dishes so that they don’t stick. But for some reason, everyone forgets the fact that different vegetables need different amounts of oil. For example, mushrooms or aubergines need more oil than carrots, potatoes, and other root vegetables. At the same time, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use butter either.


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