• What does a complete kitchen carry
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    What does a complete kitchen take, tips and PHOTOS

    If you are in full renovation or change of your kitchen, our article today will solve all your doubts. Join us to reveal all the keys, we give you advice and we prepare a guide of steps to follow. We share images with the best kitchens on the market such as the Schmidt brand models from where you can take ideas and many more inspiring photographs. Do you want to know more? Well, keep reading because we have many things to tell you. We started!

  • kitchen-rose-quartz-1
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    Rose Quartz in your kitchen.

    I know in advance that today you are going to tell me that I am tacky, but this color is amazing. Why not add Rose Quartz in your kitchen? If you are a trend follower, you will understand that I am not going to convince you to put together a total look of this tone, but thus a few brushstrokes of Rose Quartz, like someone who doesn’t want, here a front, here a wall, an electrical appliance, a stool …. Do not say no to me…. wait to hate this idea until after seeing the photos, 8 kitchens decorated with Rose Quartz that you are going to love (another thing…

  • Photos of rustic kitchens
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    Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

    We dedicate our article today to a style that never goes out of style, the rustic style. And especially to the kitchens. We also share photos of rustic kitchens for you to take ideas. Do you like the rustic style? Well, read on for the latest trends.

  • Colors for kitchens
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    What is the right color to paint the kitchen?

    It is often said that there are tastes for everything. However, when it comes to color palettes to paint a division, it must always be considered that some convey certain sensations. The planning of the colors of a kitchen must be seriously thought before proceeding to your choice. The colors must match the cabinets, reflect the light, and convey the right atmosphere. Also, it is advisable to think long-term and, if it is to sell the house, what will be able to please a greater number of potential buyers.