• What does a complete kitchen carry
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    What does a complete kitchen take, tips and PHOTOS

    If you are in full renovation or change of your kitchen, our article today will solve all your doubts. Join us to reveal all the keys, we give you advice and we prepare a guide of steps to follow. We share images with the best kitchens on the market such as the Schmidt brand models from where you can take ideas and many more inspiring photographs. Do you want to know more? Well, keep reading because we have many things to tell you. We started!

  • Photos of rustic kitchens
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    Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

    We dedicate our article today to a style that never goes out of style, the rustic style. And especially to the kitchens. We also share photos of rustic kitchens for you to take ideas. Do you like the rustic style? Well, read on for the latest trends.

  • DIY Projects

    11 Amazing crochet doilies decors

    You will have already observed that the work of yesteryear is becoming fashionable again: crochet, macramé, embroidery ... Our homes are filled with new designs made with the same technique. But if you are lazy, or you don't have time to learn, today we are going to give you many ideas to decorate with crochet doilies. And in this way introduce these unique pieces into any environment. The crochet doilies that our mothers or grandmothers loved so much can become a very special element of your home. Surely you can get some pieces and turn them into a contemporary decorative accessory, a decoration of our days. Do you want to…